a walking architecture unschool

7. Cartography: Transformations

9. Transformations. (LIFECYCLE). 

-It is our main task to forelive, foresee and forebuild a manmade habitat. Most architects never go back to the place they contributed to build. Actually, the built thing is the best source of knowledge and understanding. An objective document that tests if our expectations and plans really work. It is vital to constantly go back to the sites we've built on, for a few minutes or a whole day, in different weather conditions, in the morning and at night.

-There we can check how people inhabit that place. Do they feel good? Are they happy in it? Does it make their life easier and better?

-We can also do a more thorough data foraging. Install technologies that allow us to actually quantify many aspects of that habitat's lifecycle. Its electricity production and consumption. Its thermal performance. How rainwater and moist fall and are collected.





LITTLE PATHS (Case studies):

  • Coming soon... Transformations.

EXCURSIONS (Little exercises for young builders while on a journey):

  • Go back to the built project in a few months' and make a list of all the transformations, how it is lived, what worked and what didn't. 


Coming soon...